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Anita was born in Varaždin, Croatia. Her time spent among rolling hills, bountiful vineyards, grandiose mountain peaks and the glistening Adriatic Coast, instilled Anita with a deep appreciation for the world's natural beauty and a desire to capture the scenes and moments that make life worth living.  Anita’s father is a painter, sculptor and amateur photographer who championed these arts during the Yugoslavian Civil War in the early 90’s. His passion for the finer things in life was passed down directly  to Anita.
As a young adult she attended the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation to pursue studies in Behavioral Psychology. Her philanthropic work with at risk youth and those of us who struggle, gave her an appreciation and curiosity for what it means to be human. After attaining her Master’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology, Anita immigrated to America where she met her husband Patrick and set up shop in the seaside town of Cape May, New Jersey.

Before too long, Anita found it impossible not to follow her passion for photography. In 2017., she started to work towards a degree in photography and within two years, she received a diploma from New York Institute of Photography. Since then, the world she lives in and the people within have become the subject of her art. Anita strives to never let life’s beautiful moments go uncaptured.

Whether it is your wedding day, engagement, anniversary or another one of those rare moments where life couldn’t be better, Anita is ready to help you immortalize those memories for you to cherish forever.



  • Engagement Sessions

  • Weddings

  • Beach Portraits

  • Family Portraits

  • Professional Portraits

  • Marketing

  • And many more occasions


For prices and more information contact Anita at,  609 827 5212 or the form on the contact page.

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